wanna hang out?

Hi! I'm heather,
your MICHIGAN photographer.
what's up?

I'm a Michigan wedding photographer who's an empath - you know what that means? Not only do I have some social anxiety swirling around in here, I also can tell when you don't feel comfortable. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

It means that I'm probably the perfect photographer for your wedding day because:
I'll make you slow down and breathe when you don't even know that you need to.
I'll make you drink water when you haven't had a sip in a bit.
I'll tell those bridesmaids of yours to make sure no one takes your freaking dinner plate before you've ate your fill.
I'll smoothly wiggle us away from anyone who is too much up in your business. 

I'm also really great at taking your photos, especially if you love deep colors, intimate moments, and not feeling like a fool (because don't worry, I'll do that enough for all of us). 

I take pictures of families too! Weddings are big and beautiful but families are cozy and comfortable and I love grabbing those ooooh so good cuddly moments of parents with their littles. 

We've been married for almost 12 years. We have two kids. We have three dogs. He's a teacher and is home all summer. I mean - obviously we are awesome people who can totally handle your wedding day because HELLO - Seth wrangle's fourth graders on a regular basis and don't even get me started on the wrangling of our own little weirdos. 

Seth is my second shooter at weddings so when you book a second, he comes with the package.  

he's my husband. 

I have a permanent guy friend